SuperOxide Dismutase

SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) is the complete health booster!

SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) is actually an enzyme that repairs cells and cuts down on the damage completed to them by SuperOxide, the most widespread toxin in your body. SOD can be found in both skin and also the epidermis, and it is essential for producing healthy fibroblasts (skin-building cells).

Research has proven that SOD functions as both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in your body, overcoming the toxins that can result in facial lines and precancerous cell changes. Scientists are presently studying the potential for SuperOxide dismutase being an anti-aging treatment, as it is now known that SOD levels drop while toxin levels increase as we grow older.

SuperOxide Dismutase helps your body use zinc, copper, and manganese. You will find two kinds of SOD: copper/zinc (Cu/Zn) SOD and manganese (Mn) SOD. Each kind of SOD plays another role to keep cells healthy. Cu/Zn SOD safeguards the cells’ cytoplasm, and Mn SOD safeguards their mitochondria from toxin damage.

Irregularities within the copper- and zinc-dependent SuperOxide dismutase gene may lead to the introduction of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease, in many people. ALS is really a fatal ailment that causes degeneration of motor nerve cells within the brain and spinal-cord. It’s been theorized that lower levels of SuperOxide dismutase in individuals with ALS leaves nerve cells not guaranteed in the toxins that may kill them, so scientists happen to be studying the effect of E vitamin along with other antioxidant supplements about the advancement of this ailment. It had been supposed that regular doses of anti-oxidants could replace the possible lack of SOD and help reduce the effects of toxins. Initial studies were promising, and indicated that E vitamin supplementation may potentially slow the advancement of ALS, with a few scientists declaring that the chance of dying from ALS was around 62 percent reduced regular E vitamin customers in comparison to non-users.

SuperOxide Dismutase has additionally been accustomed to treat joint disease, prostate problems, cornael stomach problems, burn injuries, inflammatory illnesses, inflammatory bowel disease, and lengthy-term damage from contact with smoke and radiation, and also to prevent unwanted effects of cancer drugs. In the topical form, it might help to reduce facial lines, scarring, heal wounds and burns, lighten dark or hyperpigmentation, and safeguard against dangerous Ultra Violet sun rays.

SOD can be found in barley grass, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, wheatgrass, and many green colored plants. Your body needs lots of ascorbic acid and copper to create this natural antioxidant, so make sure to get an adequate amount of these substances in what you eat too. SOD can also be available by injection, sublingual supplements, enteric-covered pills, and creams. However, bear in mind this substance should be absorbed within the small digestive tract, so you should choose supplements taken orally which are either enteric covered or sublingual to be able to bypass the stomach acidity that destroys SOD prior to it being absorbed through the body.

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Superoxide Dismutase

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